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My god they are a hand full…. Talk about advanced!

27th Nov: Morning cover was Nikki, who reports all good, after her initial OMG how cute, she soon realised that cute also has a darker side…. crazy 5 week old Weimaraners x 9 does not make for a easy morning…. they had a great time, as did Nikki, and she is very taken by Mr Blue, I think she may be stalking the family who gets him! Alison took Nik off at 1pm till I got home and again, a different person but still full of beans. Myself and Nikki tried to confuse Alison by changing a couple of collars over, but she saw the difference in charecters…. The evening brought the Evans family round for puppy cuddles and chippy tea, they had Bailey from the 1st litter (Mr Purple) and Stanley from the second litter (Mr Brown) so it only seemed right to pop over and say Hi, Was lovely to catch up and lovely to see the family smile as the pups strut there stuff, its been a bit of a rough time for them the past few years, but watching Kelly interact with the pups and smile was heart warming.

28th Nov: Lynda did her puppy cover yet again, I am grateful for all the help everybody has given me with the pups so I can still go to work, the evening brought Terry and Lesley, we had a good catch up and the pups gave them a run for their money. It is so interesting to sit back and watch how each pup handles each person in a different way. Their little charecters coming out. Its also fascinating to see the dogs that you think will be one way, turn into something else depending on the person involved…. Miss Pink certainly enjoyed the visit and fell a sleep on Lesley for most of the time she was here.

29th Nov: Another long day for me, put the pups had Granny Moore for the first time, Now Granny More is a huge part of my girls life and we have missed her so much, she owns Tarns daddy, and is head dog sitter when I work long shifts, but d=sadly due to ill family members she has been otherwise engaged, the big girls have missed her loads, and their smiles when she walked in on Friday was lovely. I am sure the babies enjoyed their Granny more cover too. Debbie took Sue off in the afternoon till Wayne got in. Debbie let Tarn in to interact, she reported a noted difference in the way Tarn was willing to feed, which is totally understandable as the teeth are like needles now….

30th Nov: Debbie again covered whilst we worked at the dog club, the afternoon brought Fiona to see her pup…whoever he may be, again all of them played up to the visit, putting on their best behaviour. I got a few minutes to lay down and snooze and cuddle after Fiona left and before Alison, Aimee and Alfie arrived for a flying visit. The evening was then mine and we dedicated it to puppies and cuddle which where all mine… The whole of the downstairs is now puppy zone, the living room is the big dogs but at night the pups get it all… and they love it!

25th Nov

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24th Nov

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23rd Nov photos

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22nd Nov photos

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A day of adventure and fun.

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So Lynda was on puppy duty this morning whilst I was at work. Came home to very fat bellies and sleepy puppies, a sign of a good morning!

This afternoon, the pen was opened again and all pups encouraged to come and venture out and about, 5 minutes later, 9 puppies running riot in the living room, Miss Lilac was still a little nervous so we sat on the floor together and watched the others, some coming over to check on her, after a few minutes she wanted to sit on the floor on her own, within a few more minutes she was off and playing, she just needed a bit of help to build her confidence. It didnt take long for them to find the pee pads and use them, no accidents on the rug so was pleased with that. A few more minutes it was like somebody had pressed pause, all pups and Tarn fast a sleep.

I cleaned the pen fully and changed all bedding, got all the toys in the washer, and now toys in the pen, it looked beautiful, sadly I had to put the pups back, a few minutes later it was exactly as they like it…. pee pads wonky, used and some turned over…. OCD is a difficult thing to live with at times… lol

The most cutest thing happened this evening, as we (me and Wayne) was sorting stuff out in the kitchen, the big dogs where milling around and Moss walked past to look in the pen, she is so happy with the pups and is desperate to interact with them, Tarn isnt so sure at the moment, but they are now allowed to stand and watch and interact through the bars, so we have moved on loads. Moss passed me again walking away from the pen, then minutes later walked past me with a toy from the living room, it was her toy, not a puppy toy which she has fetched from the toy box, she walked up to the pen and pressed the toy into the bars… It was so cute, we made a fuss and she took the toy away again. About an hour later the pups where fed and we where interacting with them, she arrived yet again at the pen with the same toy. Wayne opened the pen and she dropped the toy, so we put it in, Moss stood back and watched the pups play with the toy, when they had all fallen a sleep again, Wayne handed the toy back to her, she walked into the living room, tail wagging al the way, and played wit the toy for a few minutes…. It was a magical moment to be part of.

Later Moss and Mr Green had a few minutes of interaction, she licked him, smiled and tried to get him to play, then Miss Lilac came out, she bit Great Grandma’s ears and lips, Moss took it all in her stride and licked and smiled at her….. Fen is not so keen, she is grumpy with them and very jealous , she has always been a special kind of girl and I think her nose is put out of joint.

I’m back!

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So.… honestly people all is ok… I am back and we have a new way of working things which hopefully it will work better for us.

Thank you to everybody who has offered to do a load of washing for me, offered help with puppy sitting etc, it is really appreciated. Thanks also to the people who have taken the time to write a comment or drop me a text/email, it means the world to know people are there for us.

Monday brought a much better day, Sunday night the pups slept well, which meant Tarn and I did too.

Bev was in charge for a full day and here is her blog of he day.

Lunch, they didn’t eat much food, Tarn did feed them twice but they slept a lot.

Miss Yellow and Mr Green are both people orientated, Pink runs away from rough play, Miss Lilac likes rough play. At one point Mr Green put himself between her and another as if to break it up. Mr Blue plays nicely.

I opened up the pen to allow the pups the freedom of the house, Miss Red, Mr Grey and Mr Black all came out. Miss Red was confident walking through the kitchen. The others only went as far as the first raised bed. The ones in the pen decided now was poo time so I had to clean all that up, I put all the pups back whilst I did it, and they all fell asleep, so that was the end of that for a while.

Later, let Miss Yellow, Miss Lilac, Mr Grey, Mr Black and Mr Blue into the lounge, Miss Yellow very confident in the lounge, Miss Lilac started crying and was a little nervous.

Pen opened again later on where Mr Grey walked out confidently and so did Mr Purple, they only went as far as the kitchen then turned back. Miss Red wondered out, when she woke up. Went into the kitchen on her own.

Miss Yellow and Miss Lilac woke up together and were, a bit of play fighting so I carried them to the kitchen. Miss Lilac walked straight back to the pen, Miss Yellow explored her way back to the pen, she invested the area on her way.

Are you there?

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The first litter was a learning curve, 3/4 of the way through I received an email from somebody who had stumbled accross my blog, they sent me a lovely email saying they where keeping their eye on it and enjoying the updates… I just wondered who was reading this, I can see by the comments the puppy people are on, but is there anybody just watching and reading out of interest?

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